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Our programs and services serve clients who want to COMMUNICATE THEIR BRILLIANCE, where and when it matters most to them- in the Boardroom, in a heated team meeting or during a sales presentation or tough job interview.

Over the last few decades, we have been privileged to work with leaders and their team members, sales professionals and entrepreneurs in top tier organizations in fields as diverse as banking, telecom, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government and academia.

It is our loyal clients we so graciously THANK for our growing success. Their enthusiastic confirmation that our contributions are valued inspires us to broaden our reach and bring our programs and services to a wider audience.

Our PwP team delivers and supports our programs and services, while honouring the principles of PRESENCE – Poise, Respect, Excellence, Sincerity, Engagement, Nurturing-Challenge, & Enjoyment.

Suzanne Park, M.Ed. Speaking Coach & Leadership Thinking Partner
Your coach and guide for Presenting with Presence and Communicating Your Brilliance is Suzanne Park, a Founding Partner with Park Vandal & Associates Inc.

Suzanne welcomes you,
suzanne-park“as a seasoned speaking coach it is so rewarding to quickly engage with clients, identify their barriers and generate strategies that boost their confidence and liberate their talents in service to achieving their goals. And this is often much easier and faster than clients expect. It’s as if a heavy old coat has been weighing them down and they’ve discovered how to cast it off and enjoy a new more effortless way of being. This liberates their talents as they apply elegantly simple yet precise tools and strategies that generate the results they’re after.”

I am passionate about guiding my clients’ transformation from…

  • being nervous and distracted
  • overwhelmed with data, complexity and indecision
  • forever questioning and editing their messages
  • struggling with vocal flaws, harmful habits, politics, power and interpersonal issues


  • efficiently crafting insightful messages and recommendations on complex issues
  • leveraging the power and magic of their voice and presence as they become
  • an inspiring speaker who gets results and instills confidence while raising their profile ultimately bringing their best to the world by Communicating their Brilliance, where and when it matters most to them.

In addition to designing and delivering training programs on leadership, communications & teamwork to individuals, organizations & professional bodies Suzanne also provides coaching on these topics to leaders & senior level executives. Above all, in her work, Suzanne values the opportunity to build individual and organizational capacity via the Present with Presence suite of programs, products & services.

Suzanne’s community service includes six years of service as a Trustee on the Board of Directors for the The Psychology Foundation of Canada and continuing service with the Foundation’s Workplace Mental Health and Parenting for Life Committees. She also actively volunteers with youth, in her community and beyond. One youth project she worked on supported young people in taking peace initiatives into their communities and schools. Suzanne was recognized for her contribution by being one of a few Canadians selected to work with Columbian educators on a peace curriculum to educate students on peaceful approaches to living.

Contact Suzanne Here!

warren-vandalWarren Vandal, Data Expert and Founder Geomarketing Solutions Group
Present with Presence is in good hands with Warren steering the technology and data management elements of the business. Warren has a long history in tech solutions, specializing in Business Geographics and Retail Spatial Analytics. He is the founder of several startups in computer aided design and geographic information systems, as well as a founding partner of Park Vandal & Associates, along with Suzanne.

His chief role with PwP is Director of Marketing, making sure the messages and branding of all things PwP are consistent and of the highest quality.

His depth of experience in assembling and analyzing complex data sets is a key asset in the analytics components of our assessments, quizzes, and surveys. He also contributes to the look and feel of our online user experience, and maintains the technical aspects of our website. Contact Warren at www.geomarketingsolutions.com

Our Base Camp
We, Warren and Suzanne are life and business partners. We’ve been an item since high school and entrepreneurs for decades. Our daughter Zhen is our inspiration and brings much joy and grace to the family. For fun and relaxation, we all enjoy traveling, golf, tennis and leisurely dinners with family and friends.

Here we are at the Great Wall of China suzanne-park-present-with-presence-1

and on the shores of Lake Huron, an invigorating locale we enjoy in winter and summer.

warren-vandal-2 suzanne-park-present-with-presence-2

Our Advisory Council
We’d like to introduce you to our invaluable advisors. They strengthen & renew our business by offering their perspectives from their diverse fields of expertise. They tell us what we need to hear and sometimes even what we like to hear.
Their arms length status provides invaluable advice and they’re all brilliant, generous and fun.

Diana-MagnusDiana Magnus
Associate Director of Procurement, University of Toronto.
Diana is a skilled practioner and enthusiastic advocate of collaboration, design and creative thinking. She brings a strong strategic planning focus to the ongoing implementation of client-centric initiatives which accelerates innovation and value.
Eleanor-C9Eleanor McGrath is a fourth generation Canadian fascinated by her Irish Canadian roots and explores these through her art and volunteer work. Author: A Story to be Told, Documentary Film Producer: Kanata: An Irish Story 2011 short 44min, ALIVE FROM THE DIVIS FLATS, 2012 feature 47min. Eleanor has worked as an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities; a Fund Raising Professional for fifteen years including time as Executive Director of the Ireland Fund of Canada; and published in newspapers and magazine journals in Canada, the US and Ireland including the Irish Independent and Cork Evening Echo. She volunteers her time with various charitable concerns and is fundraising consultant with the Jesuits in English Canada. She lives in Toronto with her Cork husband, Finbarr McCarthy and their four children.
Ron Foreman, Empower You Web Solutions Inc.Ron Foreman- Empower You Web Solutions Inc. Internet marketing.

Ron enjoys helping entrepreneurs succeed with the help of WordPress and SEO.

He is married with 2 sons and loves to hike and play golf.

Deena MorielliDeena Morielli, Creative Corporate Video Producer, MorielliMedia.com

Deena’s experience as a videographer has allowed her to produce compelling, cinematic style videos that are used as a powerful marketing tools for clients in all industries.