Present with Presence, Suzanne ParkRegister for the Present with Presence Certification Process, which will be rolled out over the coming months. Each step in the process will advance you towards the goal of being the Engaging, Inspiring & Influential Speaker that you aspire to be.

There are four competency levels in each of the IDEA Practice Areas & our resources, programs & coaching services support you in advancing Towards Mastery in each Practice Area.
Registering will also ensure you are notified of Alumni bonuses.

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Continue on your way to Mastering the four IDEA Practice Areas
Inspiring with Key Messages
Delivering with Presence
Engaging with Your Audience
Amazing with Results!

The achievable skill levels are:
Master………..Expert, consistently demonstrates talent, wisdom & excellence
Skilled………..Reliably proficient with flashes of brilliance
Developing…..Consistently increasing competence, effort required & can be evident
Novice………..Rookie, requires knowledge, experience, coaching feedback & practice