Communication & Leadership Development Coaching
We provide coaching to our valued clients, in the areas of communication and leadership development, in fields as diverse as telecommunications, banking, academia, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals & publishing.

As a result of increasing requests for coaching services and the proliferation of new and innovative technology, we are adding new services to our coaching offerings. We will continue to offer our signature Face-to-Face Coaching and Telephone Coaching. Additionally, we are introducing our targeted Vocal Coaching service and a monthly PEAKSPEAK.

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Vocal Coaching guides you in leveraging the power of your voice by targeting the tone, enunciation, up-talking, hesitancy, cadence, volume and breathing patterns that may interfere with you being heard, understood and influential. As a speaking coach, it is so rewarding to quickly engage with clients, identify their barriers and generate strategies that boost their confidence and liberate their talents, in service to their speaking goals. Addressing speaking barriers is often easier and faster than clients expect. It is as if they’ve been wearing a heavy old coat that has been weighing them down and they’ve discovered how to cast if off and enjoy a new, more effortless way of being and applying elegantly simple tools and strategies that generate the results they are after.

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After we receive your email, we will send you instructions by email for preparing for your Vocal Coaching Call. The email will ask you to prioritize, from a check list, the vocal areas that you want to work on during the call. Upon receipt of your completed “Vocal Priorities” form, your Vocal coach will book a call with you via email exchange. Your Vocal Coach will provide targeted coaching, during this dynamic interactive vocal coaching session.

●  Face to Face Coaching is requested by clients directly or by their leader, as a developmental opportunity for top talent, to address a specific communication or leadership area requiring development; or as a continuation of coaching following attendance at a Present with Presence training program; or in preparation for a corporate roll-out, critical presentation, or a sales blitz.
Clients commit to five sessions of two hours each, at a downtown Toronto location or a combination of Face to Face and Telephone Coaching for current clients, with complex travel schedules.
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Telephone Coaching is also requested by clients directly or by their leader, as a developmental opportunity for top talent, to address a specific communication or leadership area requiring development. Previous clients are invited to commit to ten – one hour Telephone Coaching calls over a specific timeframe.New clients may sign up for Telephone Coaching after an initial needs assessment to ensure there is a fit between client and coach.
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Our Coaching Brilliance Commitment
The Present with Presence program offerings including Present with Presence: Model, Principles and Practice Areas, Present with Presence: Towards Mastery, Presenting to Executives, and Work Style Wisdom provide foundation concepts, skills training, practice opportunities and a challenge-support group that holds participants’ accountable en route to realizing their good intentions, during each program offering. While each program includes coaching as a critical element, some participants request additional coaching after completing their selected training program. The Coaching Brilliance Commitment is tailored to suit the specific needs of Alumni of Present with Presence programs.

Customized Coaching Towards Inspired Leadership
Why are so many Leaders and Executives engaging a personal business coach?
Inspired leadership and influence is the result of a complex blend of advanced skills, superior knowledge, broad experience, relentless effort, reliable intuition, a strong and honourable set of values, and nurtured talent. With each succeeding career progression or promotion, with each added responsibility, it becomes more and more challenging for leaders to locate and gain access to mentors who can address their increasingly specialized development needs. A growing number of leaders are turning to personalized coaching to fill this gap.
A coach is an intentional guide, who facilitates a leader’s journey along their unique and chosen path. This path may not be completely evident to the leader and is clarified and strengthened as the coaching progresses. A coach is engaged voluntarily, by the leader, to support them in realizing their own and their organization’s potential.
Coaching assists leaders to:

  • clarify and prioritize their goals
  • honour their professed values
  • address evident or hidden barriers to excellence
  • create an action framework
  • problem solve challenging issues and generate business relationship strategies
  • enhance vitality and reduce stress
  • refine presentation of self, including crafting impactful messages & delivering with executive presence
  • explore meaningful work-life balance
  • increase their visibility, credibility & the results they influence & contribute

We welcome the opportunity to work with you as a coaching client.
Pre-approved client references are discreetly provided upon request.
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