Team Building


Team Building-Present with PresenceCommit to our engaging Action: Call to Action Team Building Process that gets everyone involved and contributing the Team’s success.

Get your Team working together, contributing their skills and talents, engaging in meaningful conversations and generating innovative results.

Team Building-Present with PresenceYour Team’s Memorable Message will be conveyed in a short video that your Team produces by taking on all the tasks and roles required to generate their video message. The required stages of pre-production, production, post-production and celebrating the results will all be covered in the Action: Call to Action process with detailed notes in the Action: Call to Action Guide.

The generated video message will permit your Team to position and promote their Memorable Message in a compelling and engaging manner. Possibly, their video will serve as a meeting or conversation starter or as a lead into a training or conference session.

Team Building-Present with PresenceConsider adding a competitive element to your Team Building session by having your Team divide into two or more groups, with each group generating their own Memorable Message video. The added value of this approach is that part way through the process, team members will be paired up with a member from another group & encouraged to share their expertise & ideas, breaking down territorial barriers and advancing both groups towards a higher level of excellence and peer cooperation and engagement.

Team Building-Present with PresenceThroughout the process, the facilitator will offer guidance and support during each phase of the process and bring the Team together to review what’s working, what challenges they are encountering and everyone’s contribution to the Team’s progress and success.

Get your Team taking action and collaborating on creating an impactful Call to Action with the Call to Action Team Building Process.

Team Building with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Refine Team communication skills, strategies, and styles.
Enhance workplace relationships!
Better understand yourself and your own and your colleagues’ motivations, communication strengths and potential areas for growth.
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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI ®) will provide Team Members with increased awareness and a common language to discuss and address relating style and communication gifts and differences. Applying MBTI relating style and communication insights, in a facilitated session will permit your Team to practice and make commitments supporting productive workplace interactions.