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Deliver with Presence! Do you stand in awe of speakers who deliver memorable messages effortlessly?
Do you wish you could join their ranks?
Do you wonder how they got so skilled?

Well their secret is out and it isn’t that they were born lucky!
You also can stand tall and deliver memorable messages that get the results you’re after.
However, the effortless part… well I’m guessing it will come as no surprise that…effortless it is not. The art of crafting & delivering memorable messages requires lots of science and dedicated effort.

The good news is that practice does advance you towards excellence. Provided you’re practicing the right things & investing your time wisely. That’s where Presenting with Presence comes in. We can accelerate your journey towards mastering the art and science of speaking effectively. Ensuring you Communicate YOUR Brilliance, where and when it matters most to you.

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Let us assist you or your workplace team with confidently crafting, rehearsing & delivering memorable messages.

Training Programs: Brief Overview
PRESENT with PRESENCE: Models, Principles & Practice Areas  2 Days
Transform your speaking skills from struggling with preparing messages, vocal flaws & a nervous unfocused delivery…Towards being the Speaker you aspire to be: Engaged & Engaging, Efficiently Crafting Inspiring Messages & Generating Intended Results while Raising Your Profile.

PRESENT with PRESENCE: Towards Mastery  2 Days
Pre-requisite: PwP Models (above)
In addition to advancing the PwP practice areas, we address the challenges of data overwhelm, heated meetings with tough questions, power struggles & political games…Towards Elegantly Simplifying Complex Issues, Gaining Credit where due & Refining & Promoting Your Leadership Profile & Legacy while Successfully Navigating Organization Politics in Service to Your Own & Your Organization’s Goals

Presenting to EXECUTIVES 1 Day
Pre-requisite: At the “Skilled” Level in the four PwP IDEA Practice Areas.
Raise your profile as a presenter who competently, confidently & courageously provides Executives with concise recommendations supported by relevant research & perspectives delivered with executive presence which instills confidence in you and your message. Be the leader executives rely on to inform their critical high stakes decision making.

Work Style Wisdom: Team Building 1 Day
Enhance your own or your Team’s interpersonal skills that lead to higher performance for individuals & the organization. Raise everyone’s awareness of workplace behaviours and communication preferences that directly effect the ability of team members to contribute their skills & talents, while bringing out the best in others.

Be sure you’re investing your time wisely!
Writing and crafting messages isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do. Yet, using a proven method that adds science and sizzle to the art of writing impactful messages including strategies for identifying & addressing your own & your target audience’s goals are key tools you’ll learn and apply, in our training and coaching programs.

Once your message is refined, your attention needs to turn to your delivery. A great message needs a polished delivery, if it is to generate the expected results.

All this adds up to you becoming the Speaker you want to be. A Speaker who is engaged and engaging, can respond with finesse to tough questions & the unexpected & delivers memorable messages that generate the intended results.

If you’re committed to being the best Speaker you can be, in service to delivering meaningful messages that move others into action and get the results you’re after…you’ve come to the right place.
Here at we are committed to supporting your speaking goals with our resources, quizzes, coaching & training programs.

Speakers who Master the four Present with Presence IDEA Practice Areas:
Inspire with Key Messages
Deliver with Presence
Engage with their Audience
Amaze with Results

Our Training Program Clients come from diverse fields, such as
TD Bank – Presenting to Executives, Work Style Wisdom, Speaking Effectively, Team Building
Bell Mobility – Speaking Effectively, Communication & Leadership Coaching
University Toronto – Presentation Skills, Team Building, Communication & Leadership Coaching
Cash Code – Work Style Wisdom, Present with Presence Leadership Coaching
Agricorp – Work Style Wisdom
CanWIT (Canadian Women in Technology) – Present with Presence
Psychology Foundation of Canada – Workplace Resiliency

Full Training Program Descriptions

  • Present with Presence: Models, Principles & Practice Areas
  • Present with Presence: Towards Mastery
  • Presenting to Executives
  • Work Style Wisdom: Team Work
  • Present with Presence: Certification Process

Present with Presence: Models, Principles & Practice Areas – 2 days

  • Effective speaking and presentation skills are no longer optional. They are essential.
  • If you’re going to thrive in your career and community you’d be well advised to advance your speaking skills. The good news is that the Present with Presence: Models, Principles & Practice Areas Program provides you with the art and science required to advance your presentation & speaking prowess.

Transform your speaking skills from:
Struggling with common challenges speakers face…preparing messages, vocal flaws & harmful habits, nerves, distractions & disengagement
Transform your speaking skills towards:
Efficiently Crafting Inspiring Messages, Leveraging the Power & Magic of your Voice, Engaging, Inspiring & Generating Intended Results while Raising Your Profile

Program & Participant Goals
Present with Presence Scorecard
Presenting Your Message, Feedback & Coaching
PwP Principles, Models & 4 IDEA Practice Areas
Coaching, Development Practices & Strategies
Delivery & Polishing Presence, Feedback & Coaching
Refinement, Presentations & Tailored Coaching
Summary & Personal Action Plans

Present with Presence: Towards Mastery – 2 days   Pre-requisite: PwP: Models (above)
Goals build on & add to those addressed in the PwP: Models, Principles & Practice Areas Program.
Transform your presentation skills from:
Data overwhelm, delivering without gaining credit due, facing power struggles & political games
Transform your presentation skills towards:
Elegantly Simplifying Complex Issues & Data
Refining & Promoting Your Leadership Profile & Legacy
Successfully Navigating Organization Politics in Service to Your Own & the Organization’s Goals

Program Goals & Overview
Leadership Vision & Values
Presenting Your Message, Feedback & Coaching
Heated Meeting & Tough Question Forum
Refining Your Message with PwP Principles, Models & Practice Areas
Leadership, Legacy & Positioning You Own & Your Team’s Contributions
Power, Influence & Successfully Navigating Organizational Politics
Refinement, Presentations & Tailored Coaching
Summary & Personal Action Plans

Presenting to Executives – 1 day    Pre-requisite: At the “Skilled” Level in the four PwP IDEA Practice Areas.
Executives are charged with making critical decisions which significantly impact the direction & success of their organization. In today’s fast paced highly competitive environment, this is a high stakes exercise with much invested and riding on the outcome.
When asked or choosing to make a presentation, Executives are relying on you to competently, confidently & courageously provide them with recommendations supported by a consolidated summary of the relevant research, data, trends, and perspectives on the issues they are responsible for successfully overseeing and navigating through the organization…delivered with executive presence that inspires confidence & commitment to action.
Every presentation provides you with an opportunity to inspire results and increase your visibility, credibility and influence as you equip your audience to make sound decisions based in full or in part on your valuable contribution.

Determine the issues which garner Executive attention
Astutely identify and address stakeholder and audience requirements
Elegantly simplify complex issues, data, proposals & requests
Efficiently develop an insightful, decisive, and memorable message supported by an audience-centric deck and materials
Deliver messages with an engaged and engaging executive presence
Welcome and address challenging comments and questions with finesse and composure
Instill confidence in you & your messages, while sparking commitment to action and raising your profile
Overview of PEP Model: Preparation EngagementPresentation
PEP: Initial Presentations with feedback & coaching
PEP: Preparation – A Window into the Executives’ World
-Executive attention: the current top issues & what they need & want you to address
PEP: Preparation – Simplifying Complex Content
– strategies & tools with examples, practice and application to your messages
PEP: Preparation – Guide
– using the steps in the PEP Guide analyze and refine message & support materials
PEP: Engagement & Presentation – Deliver Message with an Engaged & Engaging Executive Presence
– delivery of refined messages & practical exercises & rehearsal to enhance executive presence
including influential vocal qualities, eye contact, stance, posture, gestures & movement that
inspires confidence in you & your message while raising your profile
PEP: Engagement & Presentation – Tough Question Forum
– effectively address difficult, unexpected or polarizing questions or comments
by mastering an advanced communication micro-skill
Summary & Personal Action Plans

Work Style Wisdom: Team Work – 1 day
Business success relies on effective teamwork.
When team members interact in the workplace there will be times of productive calm & harmony AND Ÿ stormy chaos & differences.

The Work Style Wisdom: Working Together program enhances interpersonal skills that lead to higher performance for both the individual and the organization. The Program walks participants through a series of exercises, video vignettes and focused discussions that raise awareness of the workplace behaviours and communication preferences that directly affect the ability of employees to work together effectively.
Participants will learn how to recognize these behavioural and communication preferences and adjust their own behaviours to create productive working relationships with individuals of all Work Styles.

Purpose: The Program will contribute to
Increasing opportunities for innovative problem solving
Reducing conflict and the resulting stress by
Providing a roadmap for determining your own & others’ preferred working and decision styles
Resulting in more effective daily communication
Enable you to
Strengthen your Work Style Skills and Wisdom
Be seen, heard, and understood
Generate intended results by positively influencing others in the workplace
Strengthen workplace teams & their results

Identify & clarify your own work style
Appreciate others’ & effectively apply your own working style strengths
Draft strategies for addressing your own & others’ work style differences that may prove challenging within a Team
Be an advocate for the contributions each style makes to critical thinking when making decisions & addressing complex problems
Provide useful feedback that builds confidence & competence, addresses workplace style issues and gets results
Define & commit to small acts of inclusion (vs exclusion) which generate productive Team results & relationships, in a diverse workplace

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